monthly payments valid since 1.9.2018

Education at a kindergarten established by the state, county, municipality or community of municipalities is provided to the child free of charge from the beginning of the school year following the date the child reaches the fifth year of age (also valid for children with postponement of school attendance).

Tuition fees

580 CZK

All day meal

snack, lunch, tea, drinks

760 CZK

Half day meal

snack, lunch, drinks

580 CZK

All day meal 7-year olds  *

snack, lunch, tea, drinks

800 CZK

Half day meal 7-year olds *

snack, lunch, drinks

620 CZK


7-year olds = kids who reach the age of 7 years during the school year, it means they reach 7 years between 1.9.2018 and 31.8.2019.

Bank accounts for payments :

MŠ Východní      21632461 / 0100
MŠ Tanvaldská   21536461 / 0100
MŠ Poštovní       107-553640227 / 0100
MŠ Donská        118-8061050227 / 0100